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This site keeps you up to date on the work of your Conservative run Bexley Council and the work of your Conservative Councillors. Since being elected to run our Council in 2010, with a 52% share of the vote, we have implemented our election manifesto in full, exactly as promised; focusing on the real issues that matter to the residents we serve.

As a result of our policies, Bexley is on the right path to prosperity, built on the foundations of low taxes and good services - latest figures show Bexley's economy is growing twice as quickly as the rest of the UK. Unemployment has dropped by 26%, with hundreds of new local jobs being created and many new businesses opening in the Borough.

 Under the Conservatives in Bexley:

 We have secured millions of pounds of external investment for our town centres, and our three year freeze in car park charges has helped Bexley businesses compete.

 Bexley is now rated number one in London for making adult social care users feel safe, and we're investing more resources in safeguarding children.

 Bexley's Conservatives have protected housing for Bexley's residents, with over 5,000 new homes being built across the Borough.

 Bexley's schools are now ranked among the top ten in the UK

 Council taxpayers are going to be saving £1.5m a year in running costs when the Civic Office opens, ending the need to maintain four inefficient buildings - and the entire project is not costing you a penny.

All this, without a single rise in your Council Tax bill since 2009!


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Featured Story

Monday, 31 March, 2014
Naturally, Labour councillors voted against the building of 700 new homes and saving taxpayers £1.5m a year.

Local News

Wednesday, 19 March, 2014
"We are pleased the importance of the Northumberland Heath shopping centre has been recognised."
Sunday, 9 March, 2014
With 2010's manifesto delivered in full, exactly as promised, and after freezing Council Tax for half a decade - 2014 pledges published
Wednesday, 5 March, 2014
Labour councillors oppose freeze, fail to present any alternative ideas

National News

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